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TAF Consultants of Ottawa, Canada was founded in 1989 to provide consulting expertise and services in Transportation, particularly in Traffic Analysis and Forecasting of Modal (marine, rail & trucking) Freight and Traffic Flows through the North American transportation system from and to Domestic and World markets.

Successfully completed several Projects related to present and future modal freight flows through the North American Transportation systems on behalf of several private and public organizations in Canada and the United States.

The Company develops and licenses innovative computer systems: Commodity Flows Information System (COMFIS), which provide comprehensive information on the supply and demand, trade, origins and destinations of commodities movements through the Canadian and U.S. transportation systems in a user friendly and cost-effective computer environment.

TAF Consultants publish periodical reports including: the Great Lakes-Seaway Traffic Forecast Report, the Canadian and U.S. Grain Flow Reports, the Iron ore and Steel Flow Reports and the Coal Flow Report.

TAF Consultants Consulting Services include:


  • Economic Analysis
  • Market research
  • Regional Analysis
  • Industrial Complex Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Modal Choice Analysis
  • Competitiveness Analysis
  • Impact and Sensitivity Analysis


  • Commodity Supply and Demand Forecasts
  • Commodity Trade and Market Forecasts
  • Commodity Flow Forecasts
  • Freight/Traffic Flow Forecasts via Alternative Transportation Modes/Routes
  • Designing and Developing knowledge Database Information System
  • Providing Data and Reports on Commodity and Traffic Flows via North America's
  • Transportation Routes and Modes to and from Domestic and World markets.


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