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Provides access to TAF Consultants' formal publications, including the newly acclaimed Canadian Commodity Flow Forecasts and a range of other featured reports that cover the full spectrum of Forecasting of Modal Freight and Traffic Flows.



Holds over 1,000 FREE downloadable documents & reports, including operational project documents, analytical and advisory work, and evaluations, formal and informal, research papers, and most TAF Consultants' documents and reports.



Contains the Archive of TAF Consultants' work from 1990's to the present, including Impact Studies, Outlook Scenarios, Competitiveness Analysis, Trends and Forecasts Reports, and Canadian and U.S. Commodity Grain Flow Reports.


Welcome to TAF Consultants® Web site. TAFIS©

TAF Consultants provide consulting expertise and services in Transportation, particularly in Traffic Analysis and Forecasting of Modal, (marine, rail & trucking) Freight and Traffic Flows through the North American transportation system from and to Domestic and World markets.




TAF Consultants’ COMFIS© is a comprehensive, cost-effective and user friendly Commodity Flows Information System and market analysis tool.

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